CC-PLUS Advisory Board members held a meeting on August 24, 2017.  During this meeting, the Board reviewed a preliminary diagram of the software components and a draft communication plan.  Surveys and webinars are planned to gather feedback from ICOLC as the project progresses.  The Board also reviewed a recommendation by Scott Ross that PALCI contract with Hostwinds for a server with backup and security services for hosting the proof of concept software.  Exciting news learned at this meeting was that the project will be able to use code developed by Scott Ross for another library.  This code focuses on the ingest and validation of data, and is complementary to the presentation layer code provided by Jisc.  Use Cases/Personas will be prepared for the next meeting.

CC-PLUS Advisory Board members attended a webinar on July 19th provided by Jisc about the Consortial Reporting functionality of JUSP.  The Board was impressed by the system and its user interface, and the group is excited to see it translated into a more generic consortial environment.

An initial set of code for JUSP was received by PALCI on July 21st.  As the bulk of the code is a presentation layer and sample database tables, much of the development work will need to focus on harvesting, ingesting, and cleaning data.

The kickoff meeting for the project took place on July 26th.  During this meeting, the Board discussed the JUSP webinar, project plan, and project schedule, as well as implications for COUNTER Code of Practice Release 5.

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