CC-PLUS — Free trial available (updated May 2024)

CC­-PLUS is an open source software, community, and administrative tool set for usage statistics management designed to support libraries and consortia in data­-driven decisions and effective stewardship of electronic resources. CC-PLUS was originally developed by eight international library consortia with ongoing development through the Kentucky Virtual Library.

CC-Plus is a standalone web-based Laravel application connected to a MySQL database and a web server. It allows for consortia to be managed within a host system, and requires COUNTER Release 5 reports. To try out the latest enhancements, request demo space courtesy of the Kentucky Virtual Library (KYVL) or visit the KYYL_Catalyst_Dev branch on GitHub.

The original CC-PLUS software and documentation is available at:

The Pennsylvania Academic Library Consortium, Inc. (PALCI) and seven partnering international library consortia (CDL, Couperin, CRKN, Jisc, SCELC, USMAI, and VIVA) were recipients of an Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) National Leadership Grant in the amount of $247,500. The project, entitled “Establishing a Cloud-Based Consortial Platform for Library Usage Statistics (CC-PLUS),” was a two-year initiative which began October 1, 2018.

CC-PLUS is an open source platform enabling consortia worldwide to manage their libraries’ usage data through a single interface, automate their data harvesting, and make data-informed decisions regarding their investments in electronic resources. This project came directly from conversations within the International Coalition of Library Consortia (ICOLC) community, and is an extension of a one-year IMLS planning grant PALCI received in 2017 to create a prototype version of the platform.

With this additional funding, PALCI and its partners further developed the platform, including the addition of ebook and database usage data, improving the user interface design, investigating journal title and package integration, and creating robust user documentation.


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